Why You Should Look at Buying a Dashcam

Accidents happen. That’s why you have insurance. When an accident happens, you might not have any witnesses to confirm what happened. Then it’s your word versus the other driver. Worse yet, you versus the insurance company. So what can you do to keep yourself safe? A dashcam could save you a lot of money.

In a dashcam, you want good resolution, long battery life or easy charging, multiple angles and motion detection, and, lastly, an easy way to download and store the footage.

But how does a dashcam save you money?

  1. It is a witness – Having a witness on your side in a car accident can be indispensable. That deer that ran out right in front of you? Without a record, it’s just your word. With a dashcam, you have proof of what you saw, why you swerved, and why you hit something.
    Maybe a car pulled out in front of you or swerved into your lane. You hit them. They start accusing you of being at fault. They make a scene. They call the police. They insist. You doubt yourself. Without a recording, it looks like your fault, and you’re convinced it is. With the camera, you can prove who was at fault.
  2. Fraud – Insurance fraud is pretty common overseas. It is such a problem in Russia that there are websites devoted to comically bad attempts. The reason these videos exis:, dashcams. Insurance fraud is becoming more and more common here, too.
    What is insurance fraud? Someone either stages an accident to make it look like it’s your fault or they literally throw themselves in front of your vehicle. In the first situation, the car is either already heavily damaged, or set up to have maximum damage from the slightest hit (bumpers falling off or windows shattering). In the latter, they plan to sue you for personal injury.
    Having a recording makes it easy for you to refute their claims; to turn the tables on the fraudster. And saving you thousands of dollars.
  3. Parking lots – A lot of dashcams have a parked function. The camera shuts down some functions, like recording, until motion is detected. If someone hits your vehicle while you’re parked, the camera will capture that.
    Someone tries to break in, your camera will also capture that. And while some cameras have Wi-Fi and will connect when they are near, few have a sim card to connect to cell networks. A smaller, discrete camera may go unnoticed by the thief. Or if they see the camera, it may act as a deterrent altogether.
  4. Lawsuits – Having a record of what happened during an accident can keep you safe from lawsuits. Any search on the internet and you’ll quickly find a lot of videos of people trying to accuse the other driver of being at fault.
    With a full record of the event, you have facts on your side that will defend you from any civil lawsuits that could result from an accident.

If you’re paying attention up to this point, you should have noticed that a dashcam isn’t going to get you a discount on your insurance payment. There are few, if any, insurance companies that offer a discount for installing a dashcam. However, as mentioned above, there are plenty of ways a dashcam will save you money on your insurance in a passive manner.

Avoiding any responsibility in an accident is going to go a long way in keeping your insurance premiums low. Depending on where you live and your insurance, you might not pay anything directly out of pocket.

Bonus: You could make money by owning a dashcam. If you see a lot of crazy drivers on your daily drive, you could post that to your preferred video platform and potentially make some advertising money.